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"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times with no libraries."

~ Anne Herbert



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About Us

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The Norton Public Library grew out of the Norton Magazine Club, a private organization begun in 1879 by local residents. The free lending library became a Massachusetts corporation in 1886. Through the generosity of all Norton citizens including benefactors Eliza Wheaton and the Balfour Foundation, the library has expanded its collections and facilities over the past one hundred and twenty-two years and now resides in the modern building on East Main Street dedicated in 1991 with the adjacent  Library Park opened in 1999. Read more: Library History(pdf)


Norton Library Staff

Library Director Lee Parker
Youth Services Librarian Leslianne Costello
Information Services Librarian/Asst. Director Amanda Viana
Circulation Supervisor Kathy Trepanier
Technology Coordinator
Assistant to Youth Services     
Cataloger/Admin. Asst. Sandra Day
Library Assistants

Annette Phillips

Deborah Hazlet

Carol Garlington

Tammy Mahoney

Melanie Barnes

Zelia Polutchko

Pages Janet Linehan


Board of Trustees

President Brian Stalters
Vice President Lisa Daly-Boockoff
Clerk Jill Mathieu
Treasurer Robert Berg
  Herbert Ellison
Carlton Moore
Kenneth Perlow
Gail Robinson
Robert Keating

Herb & Brian


Mission Statement

The Norton Public Library exists to provide a patron-friendly environment where people of all ages can find resources on a broad array of topics to support their desire for informal learning and recreational enjoyment, where they can gather information on personal, work, or school-related topics, and where they can interact with others during meetings and programs. We see the library as the hub of the community: bringing the community into the library and the library into the community.



Library Hours

Monday  10-7
Tuesday  10-7
Wednesday  10-3
Thursday  10-7
Friday  10-2
Saturday  10-2


Library Statistics
Fiscal Year 2008

Print Volumes 54,131
Subscriptions 375
Videos 1,813
Audiobooks and CDs 1, 776
Total 113,737
Per Capita 5.91
Number of Children’s programs 205
Attendance 8,311
Number of Adult and YA programs 80
Attendance 1,630
Community Room use 426
Attendance in library 88,466
Number of registered borrowers 13,342
Number of registered borrowers
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